Treasuring our past

Civil War Cannons War Civil Artillery Gett

“Men will be men” as they say and history has shown us on a repeated basis that this will involve fighting, conflict and warfare.

Right from the dawn of time , man (or rather men) have discovered and developed tools. They set about putting them to good use and in so doing they unintentionally invented productivity. It, sadly, but obviously followed these tools evolved from only assisting with the search for food to improvised contraptions to assist hunting for enemies. Over time these simple hand to hand combat utilities developed into more powerful, more effective and more destructive devices capable of being put to devastating use from a distance.

What is it all about how we arrived at today, that we hold so dear?

Civil Wars, Revolutionary Wars and naturally Global Wars are now an unfortunate part of our past and our present. However, whereas contemporary munition has become a”state-of-the-art” thing followed only by the elite, bona fide members of the military and the up-to-the-minute Armchair Xbox Warriors (of course), it’s the old stuff, the historic weaponry, and especially Cannons, that continue to hold the undying attention of most people. They have been around for quite a while now. From the castles of the middle ages to the sea battles of a couple hundred years back. From the Wars of the Roses to the War of Independence. It has always been’about the cannons’.

Call it nostalgia, patriotism, remembrance or a sense of purpose. Or, we can call it an instinctive empathy with the simplistic fundamentals of these extraordinary items and how they work. They only amount to powder, wadding and projectile. Oh, and something (the most important big thing) with wheels , to fire it from. It’s all so straightforward. They make just as much noise and mayhem as any modern multi-million dollar, computerised anti-tank blaster thingamajig but they’re readily understood and utilised, and they are also readily available to the masses. Just do not forget to put your ear muffs on.

And so, “Boys will be boys!” There are also Civil War and Revolutionary War re-enactors from the plenty. Some do it for the background and the remembrance,”Lest we forget”. Some do it to the Nostalgia and the Camaraderie. Some people like the whole theatre and dressing up thing of re-enactments. One thing is for sure, however, we can be sure they all love their War Cannons. Not so much for the War. It is only for the Cannons and¬†Animal Removal Chattanooga TN

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