If The World Was…

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Nearly every day, especially in this first – year of the administration, of President Donald Trump, we’re confronted with actual, and/ or perceived threats, Animal Removal Palm Bay FL, etc, both, at home, in america, as well as internationally. Obviously, the threat of terrorism, if based on some theology, or emotional issues, is real, and, frequently, somewhat, frightening! Is the rhetoric of Mr. Trump, comforting and unifying, or vitriol – based, adversarial and confrontational? Every two years, either the Summer or Winter Olympics, are held, on a rotating basis, and, in these, global adversaries, come together, to attempt to win medals, based on achievements, without regard to their national strengths, etc! Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could all, come together, in real life, like in the Olympics, and be able to oppose and compete, in a calm fashion, instead of the often – vitriolic one, otherwise? Here are 3 compelling facets, and examples.

1. Competition, but sportsmanship: as opposed to threatening others with devastation and annihilation, Olympic competitors seek to do all they can do win, and defeat their competition, but wind up, demonstrating sportsmanship, and a highest degree of honor, and caring! If only, world leaders, were ready, willing and able, to pursue the maximum degree of national success, etc, would not this be a safer, more secure, world?

2. National spirit, and one – world: While there may be numerous individual needs, goals, and priorities, and a helpful, nationalistic spirit, etc, leaders must recognize, we share one planet, and therefore, there must be a spirit of cooperation! 1 example, is protecting the environment, for the common good, and while many countries have come to understand this, President Trump continues to articulate an America – first philosophy, while denying, climate change science! You could not have an Olympics, if any state, chose, they were taking their ball home, and moving – it, alone!

3. Being the best, versus good – enough: Olympic athletes train, to become the best in their individual sport! They realize, one just wins a medal, if he makes it, by getting the very best! Far too often, we witness national leaders, focus on private self – interest, and politics, instead of accepting good – enough!

If the world proceeded, with all the true, Olympic spirit and ideals, there would be more, openness, to agree, to disagree! It is up to the electorate, to need this, of leaders!

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