Hanging Balls of Water?

Forget Me Not, Hoverfly, Fly, Bloom

Inspired by the hanging plastic bags of water to frighten away flies at food markets and taco stands in South Texas and Mexico, Just fill these chunks with Cocoa Beach Wildlife Removal and hang around your outdoor areas to repel flying pests using light refraction, which magnifies and inverts motion, colors and graphics and scares pests away. Flies, Bees and Wasps are uncomfortable around the ball and eventually, 6 or 7 days, they stop coming around.

Many devices and chemicals have been made to trap and kill flies. From center pieces for the dinner table to fly tape at the corners we have been swatting flies since the beginning of time. We have screens on our windows and doorswe screen in our porches, we have bug zappers, we spray chemicals, all to keep bugs away while we enjoy the outdoors.

Hanging chunks of water have made it effortless to keep the most annoying pests, the flying ones, away from your outdoor areas without chemicals or traps you have to empty. They flip the flies own defense mechanism against them. They don’t like the hanging balls of water so they stay away. Simple as that. It takes about a week to get them all educated, but then they have better places to go.

Flies are usually attracted to food and other resources of heat/moisture. Areas prone to developing germs. Flies come into contact with a lot of decaying substances when looking for food or a place to lay their eggs. Plus they disturb me.

There are so many distinct flies, I was looking and I think I saw 245? . There are all different kinds and they’re everywhere. One of the things that defines them as flies is their compound eyes. Flies have a pair of large compound eyes and usually three ocelli or simple eyes. Each compound eye is made from hundreds to thousands of carefully packed photoreceptive units called ommatidia. Each ommatidium is a single sensory cell and the nerves of these ommatidia linked to the optic lobes of the brain. The fly has invested A LOT of brain power to being able to see. Confuse their sight and they feel threatened. If they feel threatened, they stay away. A defense mechanism that has kept them around since the times of the dinosaurs.

Amazing! It is great, hang them done. No more flies.

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